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Wed. Dec. 28, 2011 I lost my Dad who was extremely Special to me and to many others
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Wed. Dec. 28, 2011 I lost my Dad who was extremely Special to me and to many others

Wed. Dec. 28th, 2011 @ 5:00 PM I lost someone who was extremely special to me who I will miss dearly every day of my Life. Someone who was my Best Friend, Someone who Loved me with all of his Heart & who I Loved with all of my Heart. Someone who Believed in me 110 % All of the time, Someone who I Trusted completely and who in turn Trusted me completely right down to Life & Death decisions. Someone who called me every day just to see how I was doing, what I was doing & what was going on with my Life-someone who was so very appreciated in helping me to get through so very many difficult challenges, especially in this past 2 years. Someone who Listened to me with compassion, understanding, empathy and who never judged me, ever. Someone who would never take anyone else's word over mine and who took me at my word all of the time. Someone who instilled values in me of how to Love people, all people just as he did. Someone who stood quietly by my side who would protect me with his Life. Someone who was Proud of me and told me every time I talked to him just how very Proud he was and how Honoured he was to have me for a Daughter. Someone who so enjoyed to share his Pride of me with all of the people he knew and even with those he had only just met randomly at his favourite watering hole. Someone who was proud of his Heritage and who was Happy and Proud that I and his Grandsons also shared this Pride of our Heritage and where we came from. Someone who had an extremely Strong Will & a Strong Mind who taught me how to have a Strong Will & Mind myself-who taught me from a very young age to think for myself, to question things that I didn't understand and to always trust my gut feelings-to Trust myself and to be True to myself. Someone who was Happy that I passed these attributes to my Children~His Grandchildren, those that are still here and his very special Grand Daughter Kristin. Someone who came to the hospital in Calgary when he was not well himself to be Support for all of us and to Love & Support all of us through the hardest time of our lives, including his own hardest time watching his Grand Daughter suffer, when we had Kristin taken from us. In a New York second my Dad would have traded places with Kristin if he could have & he held her hand trying his best to pass on his Love to her to help her make it through. He was quietly Strong for all of us when he would have been feeling like falling apart at the extreme tragedy of all that Kristin, us and all who loved her had endured for 18 months. He may not of had money, fame or an important title but he had the most important letters in his name and he shared his Love with all of us. I told him the other day that it is HE who is the ultimate Peacemaker, that we all come from him and that all the many Qualities and Gifts that we have are because of him. That Kristin's Dream of Peace and spreading Love, Friendship, Joy & Faith also came from him because without him none of us would be here. Someone who saved my Life when I was 16 months old and that I very recently had the chance to repay by saving his, if only temporarily. Someone who taught me and always encouraged me to stand up for what is Right, not what is popular. Someone who supported me my whole life and who I am Thankful & Grateful for and especially for us to have made some memories together when we celebrated Thanksgiving & his Birthday in Oct. in Calgary. Someone who I am Thankful I was able to get out of a hospital with the help of a young lady named Kyla, who loved him as he loved her, to respect his last wishes to come to Calgary for Christmas and who was in my home, on my couch under our Christmas Tree with Kristin as the Angel and I I was able to hold and tell that it was OK as he passed away peacefully and without pain. Someone who was my Dad~Larry Martin Alfred Odland who was born Oct. 14, 1945 but who will forever live in my heart and the hearts of everyone he loved and everyone who loved him. He is now in a better place and will be spending new years with those who have passed on. Love you Dad, so long, (Dad never said goodbye, just see you later, so long, see you soon) this is not goodbye I know we will see you again and that you will never be far from our hearts. I am Proud and Honoured to have had you be my Dad and will do my best to Honour you. Pam xxoo

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Noelle(a) on December-30-11 5:54 PM
Hey Pam. I am so sorry for your loss. I know people never want to hear that stupid phrase over and over again when they lose someone they love,but the truth is, there really is nothing else to say. . I know you do him proud, and will have his memory live on in glory. May God be with you in this though time. xoxo Noella
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