People helping people, animals and children with charitable acts, gifts and donations. - Tribute to my Dad
People helping people, animals and children with charitable acts, gifts and donations. - Company Message
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On Saturday January 21, 2012 we had a beautiful Celebration of Dad's life that was held at the Edmonton Aviation Museum. This place was somewhere that Dad spent 2 days a week volunteering for years and it was so nice to be somewhere that he loved to be surrounded by Vintage planes as he Loved planes. Many people came to Honor Dad, pay their respects to our family and to share wonderful stories of Dad. We are Thankful for all that were able to make it, know that many others would have come if they could and could truly feel the Love and Support from everyone that came. We had good food, a few drinks, enjoyed mingling with everyone and Dad would be so happy with how it all went. We played a slideshow and I read the following Eulogy and then played my song I chose for my Dad - "Heaven Was Needing a Hero" – Larry Martin Alfred Odland (Oct. 14, 1945-Dec. 28, 2011)   

 Hi everyone, I am Larry’s Daughter Pam, I would like to thank all of you for coming to help us celebrate Dad’s life. My Husband Stacey and sons Brenden & Sheldon are here. Larren, Larry’s Son, & Tina are here and just made it back from a 3 month adventure to South America where they spent their time helping people & animals, volunteering and having an experience of a lifetime.  Tina Kozyra, a lifelong friend of mine and chosen Daughter of Dad is also here with her Husband Mel & kids Dwight, Tysen & Georgia. Kyla was unable to make it, a young girl from Manitoba who in the past few months became part of our family as well as part of our Klub and referred to Dad as “Grampa Larry” & refers to me as “Mommy Pam”. I will be forever grateful to both Tina Kozyra and Kyla LiBethen for all that they did to help me to get Dad out of the U of A hospital & to Calgary for Christmas.   When thinking of how to Honor Dad we decided that having a service in a Church would not be what he would want and that having a gathering of people who truly cared about him would be more his style.   Dad was born in Bengough, Sask. and grew up on a farm as his Dad operated a huge thrashing machine business and employed many people in the area. His Dad passed away when he was 17 and he had 2 brothers, Oliver and Elmer (Pearl), who have all passed on and his Mother Emma Odland also passed on leaving him as the last surviving member of his immediate family. When he graduated, he left Bengough to join the Air Force in Ontario where he made good friends with Ken Profit and later married Ken’s Sister Florence, a product of the marriage was me.  Florence did not possess maternal skills, although did have a love of animals ,and was unfortunately better at taking care of her many cats & dogs than she was at taking care of a baby. Dad shouldered the brunt of the parental responsibility and ended up going to Alberta to look for work and to try and make a better life for me. While he was away he received a phone call from my babysitter saying how very ill I was and that he should come get me. Dad rushed back to Ontario, got me, saved my Life, took me on a train back to Alberta where he met Elma, (my future Step Mom) who was going through her own divorce and looking for a border and who didn’t mind him having a little 16 month year old girl. In those days it was unheard of for a Father to gain custody of their child, but, Dad fought for me, won custody.  I would not be here today if he had not done what he had done for me and I am grateful to him. He took a Civil Engineering course, worked side by side with Elma at a liquor store for years and then gained employment with Nelson Homes.  Elma already had 2 sons and an adopted daughter plus foster children, it was a full house from the start. They later were married, bought land, built a home together and also wanted to have a child together. When I was 11 along came Larren Ole Arnell an adorable baby who I spent a great deal of time with taking care of, reading stories, playing with him etc. I may be Larren’s older sister, but also feel that I was like a 2 Mom to him as Mom was always so very busy and Larren and I have remained close throughout our lives.  For this I am grateful too, it is at times like this, losing a Dad who meant so much to both of us that we can now lean on each other, stick together, take care of each other as Dad would want us to do. Dad would want us to carry on and make the best of our lives until we see him again when it comes our time to pass.   Dad lived a good part of his life loving to host and entertain people, he was a very social person, could and would talk to everyone and enjoyed this loving to meet and get to know people right up until the day he passed.  Especially Dad loved having many gatherings at the farm at Sandy Beach where both him and Mom would welcome people to come have a good time-both of them providing amazing food, incredible bonfires, all night card and dice games, and also music and singing. Some of my fondest memories are of both Dad and Mom sitting with friends, young and old alike, around the bonfire with Dad playing his 12 string guitar and both of them singing songs out of Mom’s song book.  Music was always important and the Love of Music has carried on through my children. We all Love music and Sheldon has learned through guitar lessons as well as by ear-a gift from his Grandpa how to play guitar, he is learning piano and very recently learned how to play the mandelin which was a gift from his Grandpa. Music and Food are both a universal language that bring people together. I am sure many of you who were there back in the day have many fond memories of the good times we all had.   Our family was a blend of children, yours, mine, ours and many of someone else’s because Dad & Mom were also Foster parents so we had many others who came and went though out our lives. If we were all home to sit and eat dinner there were usually about 10 of us and if there were more we always made due and shared.  We never had much money growing up and I can remember one of Dad’s responsibilities was to do the grocery shopping, which he did at Superstore buying anything he could in bulk, trying to stretch the food budget as far as he could.  Although we didn’t have much, we always had food in our bellies, clothes on our backs and were taught to always share whatever we had because we were also taught so many others in the world had so much less than us.  I learned to Welcome people into our home, to help people and through the years our home has been a revolving door and filled with friends of our kids because I Love them all and accept them for who and what they are without judgement or criticism and I am grateful to have learned this from my parents.   Many people led to much responsibility I was the one at home learning from my parents how to cook and bake as they were both amazing cooks and I could cook full meals myself by age 11.  Many people also led to many dishes and lots of cleaning and Dad even recently talked to me about how he would always remember me being up doing dishes until the wee hours and the pictures he took. Many loving connections were formed and many kept in touch and we certainly learned from a young age that Friends are Family that you choose. I learned from both Dad & Mom to Love people, to Welcome people, to treat people with Respect & Kindness – everyone was welcome, told to “come as they are”, never judged and made to feel at home. I also learned from Dad & Mom that we are all just people, we all put on our pants one leg at a time and that people just want to be treated with respect no matter who they are or what status they hold in life. Learning this especially has helped me immensely in my life and not to feel less or more important than anyone else, and not to be intimidated by anyone just because of their status in life.  It didn’t matter if it was Mom & Dad’s friends, friends of their friends, our friends as kids, everyone was welcome and many good times and memories were made as a result. Part of those memories came from Dad working at Nelson Holmes where he enjoyed much success as a salesman, where many of his co-workers also became good friends who spent good times at the farm. The house we built was a Nelson Home that Dad was able to get a good deal on and was built mainly by friends, young and old alike, so when it was finished I think many felt connected in a special way, our home was their home too.  Dad had built the shed, which looked like a double wide trailer that we all lived in while the house was being built, many good times were had in that shed as well and Dad made it our temporary home complete with power from a generator, with a wood burning stove outside. He had built a shed before that for us to keep our food & supplies in when we started out camping in tents on weekends before we could even start building when we had to first build our driveway. Dad was a Carpenter and enjoyed building and inventing things with his own hands.   Dad used to travel to sell homes to the Edson, Hinton area and in both my young years and Larren’s Dad would include us and take us on the road with him whenever he could. Dad made friends wherever he travelled. I still call the fellow’s that Dad worked with “Uncle”, many formed close friendships with Dad & Mom and those friendships carried on long after Nelson stopped being in operation. Some friends like Uncle Paul Gonziola also became “God Father” Paul to Larren because of being such a good friend. Dad would include Larren and myself in many of the salesmen lunches and was so excited to take us to many different great eateries that he had discovered be it a Chinese restaurant he had discovered where no one spoke English or a Greek restaurant where the only way in was the back door. He had a love of food, all food and taught us to appreciate many different ethnic foods as well as teach himself how to cook them then passed what he learned on to us. Dad could make a cheap blade steak taste like filet mignon with the incredible marinades he invented. To this day I use the skills he taught me to marinate steak with his ‘secret” ingredient of oyster sauce that I, like him, enjoy sharing with friends, old and new. Dad used to make the most incredible ceaser salad where he would line the bowl with butter & fresh garlic and make a homemade dressing. I have and use the wooden bowl that he used to use.  Dad’s night to make supper was when he came home from the road on Fridays and we might have not gotten to actually eat until midnight,but, it was always worth the wait.  Popcorn was something else he taught us to love and he would make it on the stove and instilled in us that butter or garlic butter were key to making good popcorn.  Dad loved seafood too and especially loved to make basic fresh oyster and milk soup and invented an amazing way to stir fry fresh crab with Saki wine, garlic & butter that was to die for.   Two days before I got to the hospital Dad bought me a crockpot cookbook. He was on the top 5 floor of the U of A hospital and walked to the main floor to buy a razor to clean up because he was always clean shaven. He was booked on a Red Arrow bus to Calgary for Christmas the next day, was very excited, sounding good, his blood work was good and  he was supposed to be given a hospital pass that day to go to his bank and to his place to pack up his clothes. Unfortunately, the hospital never gave him the agreed upon pass, although they told the group home that they had, & that he had left the hospital.   Well, in Dad fashion he told the clerk to shove her too expensive $6 razor. Then went to a book fair, found the cookbook for me and walked back up to the 5 floor to his hospital room. Strangest thing about his was that they actually had him on  pallative care. I betcha that store clerk never would have pegged him as someone on that unit at all. This day as well he told the phone people to shove the phone that I had rented for him that barely ever worked and had gotten to the point that he couldn’t even make local calls with it, despite much complaining to the hospital phone people by myself and by him to the staff.   I will treasure always this last special gift from my Dad in which he wrote “Pam may these recipes bring you and your many good friends countless good times and memories. I Love you!!!  Xoxoxo Dad.   We had many good times and memories growing up, however, one of the main things in life that you can count on is that things will change, people will change and circumstances that cause stress like money problems, overindulgence in vices, etc. can sometimes cause people to separate and go their separate ways.  With that comes a ripple effect and a catalyst created by 2 people like Dad & Mom bringing people together can also work to tear people apart and sometimes these bridges that are broken can not be built again, some things that happen can not be undone. But as Dad always told me, onward and upward, better days ahead.   Something important that Dad also taught us was to be Thankful for the little things, to appreciate things like a beautiful sunset, to gain a love of nature both where we grew up and through the many camping & fishing trips we took. Dad loved taking pictures so he invested in a good quality Cannon and always took the time to take many pictures of meaningful events to preserve the memories forever. His favorite pictures that he took though had to do with nature, animals, mountains, lakes, I can remember him taking a spectacular picture of a sunset and then framing the picture to give to us as a gift. Dad would give a single rose with Love as opposed to a whole dozen, he would go search for Heart shaped rocks on a beach to give away instead of purchasing a high priced gift because he preferred to give gifts from his Heart that were meaningful.  He spent hours on the beach with friends Marilyn and Miranda searching for these rocks and gave me the beautiful one that he found just for me at Thanksgiving. Dad’s friend Marilyn that he made years ago in Maple Ridge, BC, is here today to share in us honoring her very special friend Larry. Dad spent a week last summer with Marilyn and their friend Miranda. He was so excited to take the plane out there, guitar on his back to spend some quality time with them and the memories they made I am sure Marilyn and Miranda will treasure always. I have never met Marilyn before, just picked her up yesterday from the Calgary airport, but in talking to her on the phone over the years she is really family that I just hadn’t met yet being such a special friend to my Dad. Another lady I had not met before is Mila, a caregiver who worked at the home Dad lived at who also became a very special and treasured friend of Dad’s – again, she is like family that I just hadn’t met yet but feel that I have known my whole life just talking to her on the phone. Thank you so much both Marilyn and Mila for everything that you did out of Love for my Dad, he appreciated you both more than you will ever know.  Everyone here had a special connection to our Dad and would have memories of their own to share, if anyone wants to come up and share a story please think about one and feel free to do so. Memories and sharing stories are how we keep those who have passed on close to our Hearts.   Dad was always compassionate, caring and empathetic to anyone that needed a shoulder and would always listen and try to help as best as he could. He may not of had the solution to the problems but he always had Love, shared his Love freely and would offer his support and understanding.  He would give you his last dollar and pretend to forget he gave it when you went to pay him back as cousin Ryan reminded me of recently. Dad and I had our issues over the years but we were able to overcome them a couple of years ago and I am so very grateful that we renewed our relationship and that we were able to make some amazing memories together.  Dad spent Kristin’s 12 birthday with her and her friends, who would have known that would be her last, but Dad was there.  Dad was there for many things over the years and I am so thankful for the difference he made in my life and will treasure those memories.   Dad and I talked a few times a week, if not every day, like we did in the past few months. Dad always offered Love, Support and helped me to deal with many extremely hard challenges that were given to me to face in the past few years. Dad always told me how Proud he was of me and shared his Pride with everyone he knew and those he had just only met for the first time. Dad also left many things unsaid, there is many who he would have liked to have talked to in regards to me to stand up for me, and, in him passing, he left on a Positive note and ultimately said it all.   He always tried to see the light at the end of the tunnel, to try and find the positive in things when all seemed hopeless and dark and taught me to try to see the positive, to see what can be learned, what the lesson was. I have learned through life experience and having basic common sense many life lessons, especially through losing my beautiful daughter and Dad in a mere 9 months. Both died young and before their times, both could still be here if not for of a part of our healthcare system that has no heart, no love and use their knowledge to monopolize on the young & helpless and elderly & weak with no respect for human life. With the knowledge that I have gained, what is my lesson? I will use my experience to help others to not ever have to suffer the same fates as those that were imposed on Kristin & Dad.   Both Dad’s & Kristin’s Dreams were to have a world where we all Love each other, Help each other, be Kind to one another, where we Respect each other, live in Harmony, Peace, Joy and Faith with each other and for the rest of my days I will Honor them with many people by my side, especially through the Kristin Kares Klub Humanitarian Foundation, to endeavor to make their Dreams come true. I miss my daughter every day and the Joy that she was, I miss my Dad every day and the Love he gave. I will carry on as they both would wish and expect me to with the friends and family who matter most and who more importantly believe in me, who I am, what I stand for and take me at my word. That is all we really have in this life, our name and our word and my word has always been my bond.   As always, I have so many words which Dad always told me was such a Gift , but now I think it is time to raise our beers and glasses and have a toast to Dad! Thank you!   
 Pamela Jean (Odland) Rothweiler Daughter of Larry Martin Alfred Odland

Click on:Larry Odland's Obituary-Edmonton Journal Tues. Jan 17, 2012

Dad's Thank You Tribute To Elma written Feb. 20, 1997-
While going through Dad's things I found something I never knew about...something Dad had written for Mom when she passed 15 yrs. ago. While I was writing my Tribute to Mom 'til the wee hours with Dad by my side making sure I was OK, bringing me shots of Baja Rosa he was writing his own..I read mine, he wouldn't have been given the chance to read his as he was not welcomed, treated with respect or even allowed to travel in the limo with the rest of our family to the graveyard....."February 20, 1997, Thank You, Dearest Elma, Thank You for the Memories: For the Loving, Caring and Kindness shown; For the children, Rennie, Curtis, Shelly, Pam & Larren; For the Fun & Laughter through the years; For us being able to walk part of the path of Life together; For your strong determination; For making your transition so sudden that everyone left back in this dimension is able to appreciate the uncertainty and fragile thread that we all hang on; For all the other wonderful things that I can't remember now. Go into the realm of Light, Love & Peace with my Blessing - Where We Will Meet Again. God Bless, Forever Thankful, All My Love, Larry." Mom & Dad did Love eachother & were together for over 20 years, Dad was devastated when she left him & Larren and sunk into a deep depression when she passed because he had clung to the Hope that they could one day make amends & be together in Love as they had been for so many years. Dad never spoke anything but good words and memories of Mom, knew that they both contributed to their separation, & I am so glad we honored Dad with people coming together and speaking only good words & memories of him. Choose Love, not hate.

Wed. Dec. 28th, 2011 @ 5:00 PM I lost someone who was extremely special to me who I will miss dearly every day of my Life. Someone who was my Best Friend, Someone who Loved me with all of his Heart & who I Loved with all of my Heart. Someone who Believed in me 110 % All of the time, Someone who I Trusted completely and who in turn Trusted me completely right down to Life & Death decisions. Someone who called me every day just to see how I was doing, what I was doing & what was going on with my Life-someone who was so very appreciated in helping me to get through so very many difficult challenges, especially in this past 2 years. Someone who Listened to me with compassion, understanding, empathy and who never judged me, ever. Someone who would never take anyone else's word over mine and who took me at my word all of the time. Someone who instilled values in me of how to Love people, all people just as he did. Someone who stood quietly by my side who would protect me with his Life. Someone who was Proud of me and told me every time I talked to him just how very Proud he was and how Honoured he was to have me for a Daughter. Someone who so enjoyed to share his Pride of me with all of the people he knew and even with those he had only just met randomly at his favourite watering hole. Someone who was proud of his Heritage and who was Happy and Proud that I and his Grandsons also shared this Pride of our Heritage and where we came from. Someone who had an extremely Strong Will & a Strong Mind who taught me how to have a Strong Will & Mind myself-who taught me from a very young age to think for myself, to question things that I didn't understand and to always trust my gut feelings-to Trust myself and to be True to myself. Someone who was Happy that I passed these attributes to my Children~His Grandchildren, those that are still here and his very special Grand Daughter Kristin. Someone who came to the hospital in Calgary when he was not well himself to be Support for all of us and to Love & Support all of us through the hardest time of our lives, including his own hardest time watching his Grand Daughter suffer, when we had Kristin taken from us. In a New York second my Dad would have traded places with Kristin if he could have & he held her hand trying his best to pass on his Love to her to help her make it through. He was quietly Strong for all of us when he would have been feeling like falling apart at the extreme tragedy of all that Kristin, us and all who loved her had endured for 18 months. He may not of had money, fame or an important title but he had the most important letters in his name and he shared his Love with all of us. I told him the other day that it is HE who is the ultimate Peacemaker, that we all come from him and that all the many Qualities and Gifts that we have are because of him. That Kristin's Dream of Peace and spreading Love, Friendship, Joy & Faith also came from him because without him none of us would be here. Someone who saved my Life when I was 16 months old and that I very recently had the chance to repay by saving his, if only temporarily. Someone who taught me and always encouraged me to stand up for what is Right, not what is popular. Someone who supported me my whole life and who I am Thankful & Grateful for and especially for us to have made some memories together when we celebrated Thanksgiving & his Birthday in Oct. in Calgary. Someone who I am Thankful I was able to get out of a hospital with the help of a young lady named Kyla, who loved him as he loved her, to respect his last wishes to come to Calgary for Christmas and who was in my home, on my couch under our Christmas Tree with Kristin as the Angel and I I was able to hold and tell that it was OK as he passed away peacefully and without pain. Someone who was my Dad~Larry Martin Alfred Odland who was born Oct. 14, 1945 but who will forever live in my heart and the hearts of everyone he loved and everyone who loved him. He is now in a better place and will be spending new years with those who have passed on. Love you Dad, so long, (Dad never said goodbye, just see you later, so long, see you soon) this is not goodbye I know we will see you again and that you will never be far from our hearts. I am Proud and Honoured to have had you be my Dad and will do my best to Honour you. Pam xxoo

Click on:Larry Odland's Obituary-Edmonton Journal Tues. Jan 17, 2012

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Daddy's Hands in the Style of "Holly Dunn" with lyrics (with lead vocal)
MY Dad's Hands were always Gentle just like his Heart, I can remember singing this song to him when I was 12 around the bonfire at the acreage at Sandy Lake.
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I Was Here Lady Antebellum Lyrics
In all the ways that truly matter, you were here Dad, you touched many Hearts in your Life, you were always a Friend, you Loved people, many Loved you back and will miss you dearly. YOU WERE HERE AND YOU MATTERED!

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Heaven was needing a Hero
For you Dad, you are my Hero...I am so proud of my Dad and I Told him how Proud of him I was that He Never Gave his Will away, They didn't take his Will away and that it was up to Him, I was holding him and telling him it was OK when he passed away and I am grateful that I was there & that he was surrounded by those he Loved and those who Loved him.

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Ceili Rain - Live Like A King
I played this song for Dad the night before he passed, the boys & I told him that HE was like a Norse King under a medical induced spell, just like the King in LOTR, none of us knew he had been in a battle for his life for 14 months because They refused to take his No for an answer then for unjustified harmful & fatal treatment so they then prescribed a harmful high dose steroid that caused his health to deteriorate....then gave him an overdose the day we got him out of the hospital. You had a Strong Norse Heart and a Strong Constitution Dad, You Won the battle before you chose to pass on & it was your choice, NOT theirs, as it should be for all of us.
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Eagles - Peaceful Easy Feeling (1974)
One of Dad's fav. songs...
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The Joker - Steve Miller Band
Dad loved this song, played guitar & sang it with his friends
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