People helping people, animals and children with charitable acts, gifts and donations. - Acts of Kindness & Pictures
People helping people, animals and children with charitable acts, gifts and donations. - Company Message

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"Kristin's Song" Song written with love for & about Kristin by P. Topal - Thank You!!
Produced, Recorded & sung by Anthony Burbidge -singer, songwriter, recording artist, producer, music teacher from Airdrie, AB Thank You!!
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THANK YOU TO Steve Morris of Morris Design Studios for putting his Heart in It by designing our Logo and Event Stamp for our Klub with his gifts and talents. Steve had never even met Kristin but was happy to help us out and was inspired to do so by his parents, Dar & Steve Morris (Vintage Catering Group Calgary, AB.), who did know Kristin and saw how amazing & helpful she was from a young age as a volunteer by my side. They called her my "Mini Me". THANK YOU to the Morris Family for their love & support!

We are guided in all that we do by first asking ourselves “What would Kristin think, what would Kristin do?” always keeping in mind her now immortalized 12 year old pure heart, innocence & good intentions. We will help who & what we can, how we can for the right reasons with integrity & love.  In such a short time we have been successful in carrying on Kristin’s legacy by making a positive difference in many lives. So far we have found that we are able to help smaller causes that are not on the radar of the larger organizations.   Four Acts of Kindness to date:    

1. Funded the purchase of Mickey Mouse Ears Personalized with Blue embroidery, Kristin’s favorite color, for all 138 children chosen to go to Disneyland on Oct. 19, 2011 with the Dreams Take Flight organization.  Pamela Odland Rothweiler (President) & Darlene Morris (Secretary) were invited & volunteered with children for the trip.  

2. Sent the Caldwell Family of 4 to Disneyland for an all expense paid 6-day Family Vacation in Dec. 2011.  This was their 1st family vacation due to their daughter’s medical condition that requires 24 hr. supervision. Jennifer made it through the whole week without requiring portable suctioning! They enjoyed a fun filled trip of a lifetime and made many memories that they will forever cherish.

Front Page Neighbours News Jennifer McDougall Nov. 10, 2011

Opinion Blog Calgary Herald Pamela Fieber Editor

3. Hosted a "Put Your Heart In It" Build a Peace Bear Event at the Build a Bear workshop at Chinook Mall, Calgary, AB. Many children volunteered their time to help us build 96 exact replica's of the Peace bear that Kristin's older brother had made with Love for her in 2009 which we then gave to children from the Starlight Foundation in Calgary on Dec. 17, 2011. Build a Bear is thinking of bringing back this blue Peace bear exclusively to the Chinook mall location and naming it "Kristin's Peace Bear" which would be a wonderful and cuddly way to spread Peace which is what Kristin's ultimate goal was to do! This was a true act of kindness as the children who made the bears with so much love would not ever get to meet the children that the bears were made for due to privacy laws. The children are holding up special certificates that I made for them thanking them for volunteering their time, a Blue heart shaped sugar cookie that we baked plus another card thanking them and also giving them a copy of our sugar cookie recipe so they could make cookies on their own.

4. Charity Club of Monsignor JS Smith School organized a "Kristin Kicks" Soccer game Charity Kids VS Teachers fundraiser in honour of Kristin and her fav. sport that she played where everyone wore Blue and the whole school participated! 700 children and all teachers on a period off during school in honour & memory of Kristin. I was very honoured when I took a moment to look around at everyone being a part of such a special event...that all started with my ONE beautiful girl with a beautiful heart and such a pure spirit and soul, who dared to dream of a better world for all. I got to play on the kids team called the "Blue Ninja Nerds"! This is our 4th act of kindness and our 1st for animals. They chose to donate $700 raised to the Humane society on behalf of the Kristin Kares Klub Humanitarian foundation. This fundraiser was completely organized by the children!

Nick our awesome goalie!"Blue Ninja Nerds" Charity Club team."Blue Ninja Nerds" Charity Club team.

Kristin June 2009 Age 11
Kristin June 2009 Age 11
Last soccer picture taken.
Kristin & Eagles June 2009
Kristin & Eagles June 2009
Mackenzie United, last team she ever played with due to sternum and rib injuries in her indoor & outdoor seasons.

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